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Distributed web systems beyond the Blockchain

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Unifying all of the things

Unify your Social Networks

Connect all your social profiles, and own your data. You retain all rights to your content, media, links, and private sharing. Your Core Network Profile is your key to everything.

Curate your Own Web

Transform your experience of the web. Bring together the content you want, organize it any way you want, and understand what you’ve collected through powerful visualizations.

Isomorphic Views

Why see your news feed in a single format? Why not view it in a 3D timeline, or see relationships between people and posts in an interconnected graph? Transform your views for powerful insights and sensemaking.

Organize Your Data

Interested in regional posts or people? Want to know what’s similar in your view of the web? Want to sort by tag, title, image, or any other filtration format? It’s time.

Visual Feature Tour


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Screenshots of our Data Visualization Engine

Our Solution:
Decentralized & Distributed P2P Data

Users own and control their own data. Period.

We’ve been working on a data interoperability layer, with over 15 years of IP development, and have partnered with the most formidable leader in providing a working framework for the distributed web: HOLOCHAIN.

Distributed Ledgers:
Currency, Exchange, & Tracking

Community create their own currencies and track impact with SDG tokens.

Our cryptocurrency layers provide communities with an opportunity to create their own local or global currency to incentivize community growth, exchange, and loyalty. Impact tracking tokens incentivize projects which support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, planetary stewardship and restoration.

Comprehensive Social Learning
& Profitable Content Creation Tools

Tools for online academies to digital content distributors.

Any post or media on our platform can be privately shared, gated, or monetized. Create courses, badges, and accreditation layers for community members, and never have your reach throttled. Your followers are your own. Drive explorers to your site, or sell content directly from the social dashboard, where users can unlock your offerings with a single click.

Restoring the Web of Trust:
Distributed Reputation Systems for Transparency

Tag oriented cryptographically signed trust ratings and cascades.

The age of 1-5 star ratings is dead. Reputation is something we earn in specific areas, for specific actions and services. Through our harmonic tagging system, users can view aggregate and individualized trust ratings across a variety of fields, and offer reputation tokens for specific qualities of objects, sites, people, organizations, or even governments.

Building “The Last Social Network”
Future Compatibile Architecture

An infinite personal dashboard: customizable, sovereign, transcendent.

Our user-centric social architecture ensures that users retain control of their data and social profile, so they never have to migrate to another social network again. Every user can choose what they share, and what they don’t. We’re building the Core Network to be “Galactic Future Compatible,” preparing our user experience for an interstellar future…

Immersive Experiences:
A Multidimensional Dashboard for All Devices

Web, Mobile, Augmented Reality, & Virtual Realty Compatible.

We’re building our visualization systems to work easily and fluidly across web, mobile, AR & VR devices. Beyond a simple and extensible dashboard architecture with many data viewing options, communities can also create custom branded environmental experiences that immerse their members in creative worlds beyond anything they ever imagined.

COLLECTION: Superluminal

SPHERE: Core Network

NETWORK: Leadership

Harlan T Wood

Harlan T Wood

Chief Technical Architect


Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo

Chief UI & UX


Jack Senechal

Jack Senechal

Visualization Architect



Superluminal Systems
Enlightened Structure
Citizen Code
Guardian Alliance


Shiloh Ann Boss

Shiloh Ann Boss

Evolutionary Architect


David Hofstatter

David Hofstatter

Impact Investor


Noah Thorp

Noah Thorp

Tech Cofounder


Augustin Bralley

Augustin Bralley

Social Architect


Steven Starr

Steven Starr

Film Producer


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We’re looking for collaborators. We are gathering a team of individuals and organizations committed to creating the last social network the world will ever need: The Core Network. We envision a world where the sovereignty of people and organizations is backed by cryptoequity, where everyone owns their own data, where we co-create an open-source future dedicated to all life on Earth.  If this resonates with you, please get in touch!